About Keystash


The story of Keystash started with frustration at the status quo.

While managing infrastructure in a medium size organisation we found that the current state of tools online were not meeting our needs. We felt we were looking for a tool that was simple and easy to implement across our growing infrastructure (some 200 servers and containers). We also wanted something that would work if our servers ended up being disconnected from the internet, however we wanted a SaaS solution so that we didn't have to manage the system ourselves.

We found SaaS solutions that met some of our needs, however they were either to cumbersome to use, not user friendly, too expensive or provided for features that we didn't need. Many solutions seemed to be focused on large enterprises.

We built a small prototype internally to see if there was a better way. The project was successful but it meant we were running the system which was not our day jobs. So we set out to spin off Keystash as a stand alone tool and company that could provide us with the service we needed.

After many months in private alpha and beta phases, Keystash was finally launched and made public.

Welcome to Keystash, we hope you find the same set of values in Keystash as we did when we first built it.